Watch [18+] Maniac Driver (2022) [In Japanese] With Hindi

Watch Maniac Driver Full Movie [In Japanese] With Hindi Subtitles Online on TheMovieFull,
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Watch [18+] Maniac Driver (2022) Full Movie [In Japanese] With Hindi Subtitles WEBRip 720p Online Stream

Watch [18+] Maniac Driver (2022) [In Japanese] With Hindi

Maniac Driver (2022 Movie)

Language: Japanese
With Hardcoded Hindi Subtitles

Quality: 720p [WEBRip]

  • IMDb Rating: 6.0/10
  • Director: Kurando Mitsutake
    Kurando Mitsutake
    Yôta Kawase, Ayumi Kimito, Keisaku Kimura
  • Genres: Action 

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Watch Online: Maniac Driver Full Movie [In Japanese] With Hindi Subtitles.

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Tags: Giallo, Japanese Horror, Kurando Mitsutake, Maniac Driver, Reel Gore

Maniac Driver 2021 Film Review:

Framed by a vibrant retro 80’s soundtrack and flashy psychedelic colors, Japan’s top adult stars (Saryu Usui, Iori Kogawa, Ai Sayama, among others) are portrayed as lascivious victims in this stunning gory, neo-giallo from cult director Kurando Mitsutake (GUN WOMAN, KARATE KILL).

Mitsutake is best known for his genre celebrations. The samurai spaghetti tribute Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009) crumbled under the weight of its near-endless genre references, but the subsequent Gun Woman (2014) and Karate Kill (2016) found a voice of their own while paying loving tribute to other films. Now Mitsutake goes heavy on borrowing from his influences again. The New York Ripper and other gialli are present here, as are Maniac (1980) and its remake (2012). Evil Dead Trap (1988) comes to mind in one scene, and the helmet is probably sourced from Nightmare Beach (1989). There’s even a brief samurai swordfight, that soon turns into Nikkatsu-style SM-sleaze featuring a “noble lady” (actually a hostess, but the costume and attitude are about the same) not too different from Flower and Snake. (1974) or Wife to be Sacrificed (1974).

Pink films are the film’s 2nd important reference. There are two long sex scenes (complete with slow-motion bouncing boobs) and two shorter solo-sex scenes, in addition to which all women (every single one, minus the extras) lose their robe, particularly at the time of their death. Some might feel inclined to call the director a misogynist! But this isn’t a film for them anyway. And the skin springs from deeper down the film’s production roots. Mitsutake says he was originally offered a pink film to direct, with supposedly unlimited artistic freedom. However, the financing fell apart at the last moment when the company fully realized what Mitsutake was about to shoot for them and started imposing restrictions. Mitsutake walked out and shot the script as it was without the studio, with producer Mami Akari pulling the necessary funds out of her own pocket. The cast remained unchanged, explaining why every actress in the film is an AV performer (and not quite an A-lister either).

Maniac Driver (2021) Movie: Full StoryLine –

A deranged taxi driver appears to be randomly stalking and killing various young women on the streets of Tokyo. His descent into madness follows a personal tragedy that has since left him in search of a worthy victim to satisfy his own bloodlust and possible death…But is anything as it seems?

A Maniac-Mixture of Sleazy Sexploitation

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